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“We don´t feel like a tribute band, and like a Philharmonic plays Mozart, we play Pink Floyd”


“We wanted to create a show that would revive the magic of the Pink Floyd shows and a sound as accurate as possible to the records we heard at home”.

Pink Tones celebrates 15 years on stage playing the music of Pink Floyd. Almost 3 years lightening a show precise and elegant but full of passion. Without cartoons, without falling into the easy. Studying inch by inch the extensive work of the Floyd, his sound landscapes, his technique, his philosophy of life, the intricacies of his shows … Pink Tones is not a band to use and his attitude on stage is far from the so-called groups covers or tributes.

During these 15 years of career, Pink Tones has earned the reputation of being one of the best groups playing the music of Pink Floyd, as noted by his mentor and godfather José Miguel López, (Discópolis, Radio 3).

Recently NICK MASON, drummer of Pink Floyd, has praised the work of Pink Tones as worthy heirs of the spirit of Pink Floyd.


 “On stage I don´t  play Pink Floyd, I just feel”

Álvaro Espinosa is the lead guitarist and singer of Pink Tones. Self-taught musician and Pink Floyd fan since childhood, he has played and played in various groups and in very diverse styles. Without ever stopping to investigate sounds, you have never been afraid of “do-it-yourself” to recreate old instruments or to design elements of set design for the group. On stage he stands out for his passion, where he always gives his all and immerses and breathes the eternal music of Pink Floyd.


 “Pink Floyds sound is endless”

Toni has been a member of the band since its founding. Studying the techniques of the peculiar drummer of Pink Floyd, Nick Mason, is still amazed to hear the recordings of those years, effects of plates and fills recorded upside down, reverberations, delays, etc. Benjamin in a family of the 70s, listened to the Pink Floyd records, which were put by his brothers. There was something different in them. They had a special, almost mystical sound and the enigmatic covers suggested something that was worth diving into.


 “Our concerts are a jurney in time”

Nacho is responsible for the keyboards, interpreting the delicate harmonies of Richard Wright. It belongs to Pink Tones since its inception, and its role is to recreate the famous sounds of Farfisa, Hammonds, pianos and synthesizers that have turned each song into a history of music. The passion he has always felt for this music is reflected in each of his performances, always maintaining the original essence as if he were attending a session from another era.


 “Somos fns de Pink Floyd y eso el público lo nota”

Pipo was originally incorporated as a saxophonist, although he has gradually assumed different roles with great versatility. Classically trained, he manages to faithfully reinterpret Pink Floyd’s music, beyond the textual execution of the libretto. The complexity of its work lies in knowing how to place it in the right sound plane at the right time to enhance the overall sound atmosphere, whether with sax, guitar or voice.


 “For many, Pink Floyd is a religion”

Edu Jerez is the latest addition to the band. Musician, composer and producer from Madrid takes with him the whole tradition of classic rock bands, English and American, after many years of career in the national circuit. In Pink Tones brings a new interpretation of the vast sound and melodic territory of the bass lines of the music of Pink Floyd, maintaining the respect and the essence that they deserve.


 “The music of Pink Floyd is pure emotion”

Pink Tones, in their eagerness to be faithful to the Pink Floyd sound, is accompanied by two or three choristers, such as when they play Atom heart mother, Dark side of the moon, Wish you were here, The Wall …